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Susan Sparks now comes before us with her parody of "The Guy In The Glass.
The Glare in the Glass
                       By: Susan Sparks

When you lose all you have in your battle with life
And you land on your ass in the snow
Just go to a mirror and look at yourself
And see if that man's Friend or Foe.

It's the choices you make that determine your Fate
Not your father's, your mother's, your wife's;
On that final day, will you reach Heaven's Gate
Or find eternal, Hell-filled strife?

He's the fellow to please, the Devil, your friend,
He'll teach you lies, games, & deceit
He'll stay with you clear to the bitterest end--
It's your Will that he wants to defeat.

You'll end up the Fool, full of misery and tears
You're destined for low Second Class
And your final reward will be blisters and sears
If you follow the Glare in the Glass.

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