David Summers
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  The Monsoon

                          Coal gray clouds lurk around the mountains
                     Slowly, they gather courage
                     And creep toward the heated, impassioned
                     desert landscape.

                     Lightning snaps and thunder resounds.
                     The land responds with fire.

                     Rain trickles from the sky above.
                     The land is caressed for a time.

                     The rain turns to pummeling hail
                     The fire is put out by the violence.

                     A climactic torrent of water rages forth
                     in a final tragic tearing asunder.

                     A kind of peace falls across the land
                     and the heat begins to rise.
                     A kind of anticipation grows
                     Waiting for the skies to strike again.

                     (Copyright 2001 -- First appeared in Mobius:   The Poetry Magazine)


                     The Lone Balloon

                     It drifts lazily along...
                       The sailboat of the desert southwest.

                     Aimless but
                       with purpose.

                     Floating but
                      in motion.

                     Silent but
                       color shouts!

                       Like us all...
                             To the Earth
                                 Unlike us all...
                               It will...
                             It must...
                           To the Sky
                     Rise again.

                     (Copyright 2000 -- First appeared in the Southern New Mexico Ink)

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David Lee Summers is a writer, editor, and astronomer living somewhere between the western and final frontiers in Southern New Mexico. His novel, Vampires of the Scarlet Order published by LBF Books ( www.lbfbooks.com ) is available at Amazon.com and major bookstores. His poetry has appeared in such magazines as The Santa Clara Review, Spindrifter, Message of the Muse, and Star*Line.