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When the words stopped,



She heard the words,

sinking through layers of silence,

saw them

counter-weight the morning sun,

she could not feel

the air vibrating,

she had no sense

of spaces filling.

""I am dead, "" she said,

""I am dead and gone"".

Scheherazade knows.

She knows the light,

the weight, the threat,

of a morning sun;

knows that words


at breakfast

can eat you for lunch;

she knows a thousand

and one things

that cannot save her --

now that the light

has found Schahriah.

""I am dead,"" she says,

""I am dead and gone""

Scheherazade breathes,

She does not feel

the air vibrating

she has no spaces

which need filling

all that remains

is this quiet


""I am dead,"" she says,

""I am dead and gone""

Copyright Dennis Greene 2000
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On the day that God dropped in .

On the day that God dropped in to set me free,
to calm my fears and take away my pain,
He asked if I was ready to agree
to lose it all just to be well again.
I said, "why make me think? Just fix my brain,
too long I've waited for this happy day."
He smiled and put the question once again,
and I replied "for this you've heard me pray!
Please - cure me now. Please - make it go away"
And I was cured, and everything I've earned
in thirteen years of growing went away
leaving me void of every lesson learned
except that now I know that to be free
the price is more than just the pain in me

©© Dennis Greene 1999