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rob walker  lives in the hills overlooking Adelaide, South Australia where he writes words and music for "self-expression and therapy" when not teaching music-drama at a government school. About 70 of his works have been published in ezines including Numbat, IndieJournal, Comrades, NZpoets, Atomic Petals, Ariga, Limestone, Sidereality & Poets4Peace, in print in Comrades Journal, UNO anthology & Curious Record and  performs regularly at Adelaide's Friendly Street Poets. rob has also composed and played on 2 Cds on the  <> label.
He has a small bald patch and plans to make a cup of coffee "in the near future."

close shave

each morning. same mirror.

excising facial hair and memories
sometimes too close

for comfort
an embarrassment of intimacy

eyes reflecting

you change.  confident,
retreated.   accomplished,  defeated

one day you blink and
thirty years pass

rob walker
© 2003


go about their work
stoically in grey suits
or grimy blue overalls
pollinating flowers
feed birds and frogs
need  fur coats for warmth
working the graveyard shift

Butterflies are showy socialites
sipping nectar at
A-list cocktail parties
all show. no substance.
superficial in their beauty
mwah-mwahing insincere air kisses
to the Beautiful Pupae.

Moths are the working class

waiting for the revolution

rob walker
© 2003
Thelonious Monk v.3

Beat  and space
- commodious funk

Tune and pace
- harmonious punk

Butterflies chase
- euphonious clunk

Driving bass
-Melodious Thunk

Sonic grace
-Thelonious Monk!

rob walker
© 2003