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Aamie Burnley
When ... ?

              When all of my words have been spoken,
              And the ink on my last page has dried,
              When my heart lies crumbled and broken,
              My passions all withered and tried,
              I will find, in the cold, dark silence,
              Beyond the mist and the rain,
              Raw courage, and self-reliance;
              My failed hopes and trusts to regain.

             When the door to my soul stands wide open
              And the pain and the hurt  all subside,
              When this poem is my last sweet token
              Of beauty and truth still denied,
              With the spirit of love that first made us,
              I’ll embrace the loss without pain;
              I will step to the dark voiceless cadence,
              Though it marks out the final refrain.

              When all of my gifts have been opened,
              With patience, I'll then  turn aside,
              And dance, close and slow, with the notion,
              That faith, truth, and trust will abide.
              Submerging my voice in the presence
              Of sirens, now still and serene,
              I will cast off the pall of indifference
              And strive for the kingdoms unseen.

              (c) A.B. 2003

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