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Unfortunately, Roger is no longer with us, having passed away after a hit and run accident involving an illegal who fled back to Mexico.l

                     HOLLYWOOD AFTER HOURS

                     Weatherwax and Morrison

                     were absorbed in Spirits

                     and Five-Card Stud.


                     With every shot

                     of Whiskey the

                     stakes grew higher.


                     Just after midnight

                     Weatherwax was short

                     on his bet ...


                     Thus, he tendered

                     collateral to cover

                     his existing hand.


                     Stubbornly, Morrison excepted,

                     requesting that Weatherwax

                     draw or stand.


                     A Straight ... no match

                     for a Full House.

                     Weatherwax departed sadly.


                     Relinquishing his

                     Movie "STAR" Collie

                     to Marrion Morrison ...


                     For a week

                     Hollywood was utterly

                     dumbstruck with awe.


                     As Marrion Morrison.

                     "The Duke", John Wayne,

                     Announced that "Lassie",


                     had a brand new name --



                     (C) The Quill 2003
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                          TEA PARTY           

                     It's in the flow of the wind again.
                     That distinctive aroma like no other stench found
                     on any galactic plantet
                     Endogenous only to one heavenly body called Terra.
                     And generated specifically by humanoids proclaiming themselves as
                     elephants or stubborn mules.
                     While articulating manifestoes of amendments and concern for
                     the amorphous population whose votes placed them
                     in their position of government.
                     And whose votes will again allow them to          
                     service their own self interest for another duration
                     of four to six years.

                     The Bush is lit and starting to burn
                     once again as 04 approaches much faster
                     than all would choose.
                     As the rotten  taste of chads still malingers
                     in the minds and hearts of all voters
                     from coast to coast.
                     Along with the spending of funds taken from
                     Social Security in an endeavor to keep a spend  
                     happy government running until
                     the next taking of funds.
                     So how will you cast your vote my friends ?
                     Will you accept the truth or will you again
                     lay down your mark
                     maintaining the current bunch.

                     Bear in mind that double taxation is the bedrock
                     from which America was born and separated from
                     England many generations ago
                     Or, have you forgotten ?
                     Double taxation no longer exist. It is now nearer
                     seven or eight times than double and new forms
                     are being thought up every day by those
                     now positioned to enact them.
                     It is time to clear the  Senate, Congress, White House,
                     state and city position as a warning signal to
                     those wishing to serve the public. A blast to
                     let all know it is the peoples government.
                     And 2004 is a "TEA PARTY" year.     

                     (C) 2003 The Quill