Robin Ouzman Hislop
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Bio:    ROBIN OUZMAN HISLOP: Born UK. Childhood in Lyme Regis
and Poole, Dorset. He has lived Scotland &
Scandinavia, The East and Spain and now lives in
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. He has appeared in the
Dawn Millenium and Crystal Dawn Anthologies published by Kedco Studios, as well as numerous ezine journals.

When he first joined the world wide net he abandoned
his previous pursuit as a performance poet, mostly
held in Spain and often as bilingual joint translation
recitals. His first anthology After the Cave the Comet
appeared two years ago and is available at Poetry Life
and Times, another anthology is shortly planned. He
started as resident poet with Poetry Life and Times in
January 2005 taking over its editorship together with
Spanish poetess Amparo Arrospide from Sara Russell in  May 2006 .

Saludos Robin (Co Ed PL&T)

Gift of Tongues
50 Constable Place
Sheffield S14 1AX
Great Britain


Hunter’s Moon.

at a stroke the accident
of power watching cars
go by everything
committed to the balance
of understanding
communication with the mysteries
of life – whizzz

helpless dreams
on the battlefield of time
the fallen & the slain
shoals of fire fly light
in alchemical equation
an intricate complexity
to surreal music outside

from fresco to pastiche
clouds to stains
down the corridors of time
a poisonous kiss
death in the canvass
music in still life
only the ritual remains

on the waves of moirai
written with even
the unwritten in
sign of the time
in eternal return
in the mirror of origins
in the heart of the labyrinth
time is a harp its music
trapped between mute strings

place a memory
autumn &
the blackberry’s dropsy
reek of undergrowth
fetid rank dank
as dead winter sets in
sinister with it’s shadow
a stranger at the door
knocking  knocking
existence is a cage

time on the shore
where memory laps
in the bay to enter
silhouetted in the door
the fates dance
the dice of chance
& you must  embrace
the infinite unresolved face
moon light through the bars
on the ninth wave
the arisen minotaur
eros unbound
under the hunter’s moon

robin ouzman hislop 2005

Blue Moon

The blue moon behind the window
is an illusion, as is the silver sphere
that enters upon its drawn curtain
to this skeleton laid upon a bedding
& unfolds a zodiac on the ceiling.

a silver wheel spiralling down
apex pyramiding crown quarters
demiurge serpentine maws open
the northern crown to isle of avalon.
on the barge of ariadne’s diadem

you come to the white lady cerridwen.
walk the glittering palace of rhiannon
to fields elysian, mists of caer arianrhod,
into metamorphosis of a dragon god,
where the cyclopean shaman appears

demiurge sun in a single serpent eye.
in three directions the crane fly
in cheveron across the sky
& dragons like flamingos soar
lagoons  from shore to shore,

spheres of sailing hedge row isles
quivering in mirror mirages.
it seems pterodactyls in the stars
leap through the mind’s eye,
to shatter even the mirror glass

that contains so many lies,
so many impossible desires,
a near cascadence of all possibilities,
trapped, enclosed, sealed to fall
still hidden into a possible world.


human being, your lives, so little
for your tragedies so great,
ravelled in the shrouds of nyx
& fatal twins thanatos & hypnosis,
where ever lost you yet acclaim
if not second to none, the next best.

to what mocking echo, pitiful fall
your triumphant aspirations,
but soft ye now, nyx whispers
in hypnosis’s ear that morpheus appear

on the waters of the night.
where the architect of tomorrow
usurps no more what potion
morpheus drops upon an eyelid.

or what monster might rear or nightmare
demeter in the womb of night, nyx
her embrace suckled on each breast,
born of the serpent, twins of the beast
or how she may come or what chariot,
yet the clarion or what hour !

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