Une lionnesse blonde,
elle parcourt son monde choisi.
le bonheur la suit. *

* A blonde lioness,
   she wanders her chosen world,
   happiness follows her.
Dover's chalk cliffs tower
over a channel called 'The Sleeve...'
gulls swoop in the still air.
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trompe l’oeil
dôme de St. Ignacio
nuages et miroirs *

         * trick the eye
            dome of St. Ignacio
            clouds and mirrors

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Mysterious, solemn grandeur --
pyramids silhouette twilight,
marching down the ages.

Shades of black and white --
dusk on the Serenghetti Plains.
Lions chew zebra bones.
Rime ice on tall peaks
Clouds hover ubiquitously
A stray sunbeam